Built-In Water Filter

WaterBoss Models 700, 900 and 950 side by side
Only the WaterBoss® contains a self-cleaning, built-in water filter. Superior design and state of the art manufacturing techniques allow only WaterBoss to feature this built in water filter on the DIY market.

You can’t see the WaterBoss built in water filter – it’s inaccessible after being sealed through electronic welding in the injection-molded tank. That’s a good thing!

With a WaterBoss it is not necessary to change or perform any maintenance on the built-in water filter feature. The built-in water filter is self-cleaning and carries a ten-year limited warranty, the best warranty offered in the industry.


As source water enters the upper chamber of the WaterBoss, dirt and sediment are trapped down to 20 microns, smaller than what can be seen by the human eye. Because of the WaterBoss’ patented directional flow screens, which are laser welded onto an injection molded tank, the fine mesh resin is tightly packed and held in place. This allows for a high-pressure backwash during regeneration, forcing all of the dirt and sediment trapped in the built-in water filter to be flushed down the drain.

With the WaterBoss built-in water filter, there is never a need to purchase a cartridge housing, no need to purchase replacement cartridges, and no need to change a messy filter.