Whole House Water Filtration

WaterBoss® models 700, and 900 function as a whole house water filtration appliance. Models 900 IF and 900 NF do as well as they are used in tandem with Models 700, 900, and 950. Placed at the point of entry of your water supply into your home, a WaterBoss® will simultaneously reduce dirt and sediment, sand, or debris from wells or pipes, down to 20 microns. This amount is smaller than what can be seen by the human eye.

whole house water filtration

The dirt and sediment filter features a patented neoprene screen that is laser welded to the polypropylene tank and packed with Ultrafil. No longer will the homeowner need to purchase a separate cartridge type filter as required by conventional water softeners, and no longer will there be the mess and added expense of periodically changing these filters. The home water filtration feature requires no maintenance and never needs replaced.

5/10 Year Warranty LogoThe whole house water filtration system will also soften your water by removing calcium and magnesium carbonate and reduce iron or chlorine to nominal amounts. All of these benefits help to protect all of your water using outlets and appliances. WaterBoss® is so confident in the performance and reliability of the home water filtration feature that it carries a ten year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

In the Kitchen – the benefits of whole house water filtration in the form of ion exchange and chlorine reduction:

  • Bad taste and odor are reduced from your drinking water
  • Kitchen sink fixtures, your dishwasher, coffee maker, icemaker and all other water using appliances are protected from hard water damage
  • Cleaning of kitchen surfaces requires less effort and cleaning products

In the Bath – whole house water filtration in the form of ion exchange and chlorine reduction eliminates:

  • The need for a replaceable cartridge showerhead filter
  • The need to scrub away soap scum; greatly reduces the amount of money spent on cleaning products
  • Hard water residue from your skin and hair

In the Laundry – whole house water filtration in the form of ion exchange;

  • Significantly reduces the amount of soap needed to clean your laundry
  • Protects clothing, sheets, and towels from hard water damage, extending the life of each item and saving you money
  • Protects your washing machine from hard water damage