Well Water Problems

Drain with stains from well water

Ground water draws minerals from the Earth as it travels to the source of your well. While usually still safe to consume, some minerals can cause aesthetic problems or damage in your home.

A common issue that can be picked up by well water is hardness minerals. Water that is considered “hard” will keep soap from breaking down dirt and oils as it should and prevents it from rinsing away cleanly, making you feel as though you have a film on your skin after bathing. Similarly, a solid build-up of cleaning detergents can occur on your surfaces most commonly referred to as “soap scum” from hard well water.

Hard water minerals also collect and form limescale deposits in your showerhead, faucets, and clog your plumbing. Scale buildup happens inside your water-using appliances as well, such as the dishwasher, washing machine, coffee pot, or water heater. Not only does this accumulating calcium layer cause your appliances to work less efficiently, it leads to needing more repairs or having to replace them sooner than expected.

Other problems minerals in well water can cause include objectionable taste and smell in drinking water, or rust stains on laundry and sinks.

Is all well water the same?

Well water problems can vary from region to region or from one neighbor’s well to the next. This is why it is imperative a water analysis be completed on your home water supply prior to choosing a water softener or water treatment system.

The most common well water problems are:

  • Dirt, sand and sediment brought up from the bottom of the well
  • Hard Water- water that contains calcium and magnesium carbonate above 1 gpg
  • Iron Water- water that contains 1ppm of ferrous (clear water iron); ferric (visible iron particles) and iron bacteria are also common well water problems

Other well water problems include:

  • Low pH -causing acidic water which leads to corrosion
  • Hydrogen Sulfide- resulting in a rotten egg odor
  • Brown or black staining which is usually a sign of manganese. This is one of the more difficult well water problems with which a homeowner must contend.

How a WaterBoss® Can Help:

The WaterBoss water softener is able to treat most common well water problems including:

  • Removing dirt and sediment down to 20 microns
  • Removing iron up to 10 ppm
  • Softening water up to 90 gpg

To learn more, see the Water Softeners page for detailed specifications.

Our filtration line can also help with the more unusual well water problems.

Model 900 cut away
Visit the Water Filters page to learn about our 900IF to treat high iron or sulfur issues and the 900NF to neutralize acidic water.