Do You Have Well Water Problems?

Well water problems can vary from region to region or from one neighbor’s well to the next. This is why it is imperative a water analysis be completed on your home water supply prior to choosing a water softener or water treatment system.

The most common well water problems are:

Drain with stains from well water
  • Dirt, sand and sediment brought up from the bottom of the well
  • Hard Water- water that contains calcium and magnesium carbonate above 1 gpg
  • Iron Water- water that contains 1ppm of ferrous, or clear water iron; ferric and iron bacteria are also common well water problems

Other well water problems include:

  • Low pH -causing acidic water
  • Hydrogen Sulfide- resulting in a rotten egg odor
  • Brown or black staining which is usually a sign of manganese. This is one of the more difficult well water problems with which a homeowner must contend.

The WaterBoss®, with its three in one design, is able to treat most common well water problems including removing dirt and sediment down to 20 microns, removing iron up to 10 ppm, and softening water up to 90 gpg (see Water Softeners page for specifications).

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