Water Softener Parts & Service

We support every WaterBoss® product with a committed Support Team and a complete line of replacement parts.
To order a part, please contact our Technical Support Department toll-free at 1-800-437-8993.

Four of the major assemblies found on the WaterBoss can be seen here. Click on each for a more detailed drawing.

Helpful Hint: You can get a look at various other parts and their replacement numbers in the Owner’s Manual which is available here.

Our Warranty

5/10 Year Warranty Logo

  • 5 Years: The entire appliance is protected against defects in manufacturing and materials.
  • 10 Years: The brine cabinet and resin tank are protected for 10 years. (This warranty does not include labor.)

Each WaterBoss is backed with a 10-year limited warranty. The full version of this warranty is included with the WaterBoss. Labor and media are not included in this warranty.

To view the schematics above, you will need to have Adobe PDF Reader. You can obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat’s free PDF Reader here.