It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Should Your Water Softener be on Your List?

Spring cleaning is not just a seasonal name for ordinary cleaning. The cleaning we do at this time of year typically involves a deeper level of cleaning that even involves scrubbing and clearing away debris from places that you don’t normally look at or think about.  Why is Spring Cleaning Important? There are many reasons … Continued

What Is the Expected Cost to Install a Water Softener?

The cost of installing a water softener can vary greatly due to the wide range of water softener sizes and configurations that are available on the market today. Prices for the softener itself can range anywhere from $500 for a compact unit to as high as $6,000 for a more complex system.  Likewise, installation costs … Continued

5 Key Health Benefits of Having a Water Softener

There seems to be a much greater focus on health these days. People are focusing on ways to improve their health through diet, exercise, and environmental changes. Many health conscience people are not aware that there are actual health benefits that owning a water softener can bring to a household. In this post, we will … Continued

Should I Rent a Water Softener or Purchase My Own?

Did you know that 85% of the U.S. has hard water? Many homeowners have considered getting a water softener to solve problems like foul smelling water, dingy laundry, and stained stinks. Many people who have hard water know they need a water softener solution, but aren’t sure whether renting a unit or purchasing one is … Continued

The Compact Water Softener That Does Big Jobs in Small Spaces

Have you assumed you could not enjoy the benefits of soft water in your home because you don’t have room for a water softener? It is time for you to meet the WaterBoss. The innovative engineers at WaterBoss have developed a compact water softener design that is smaller and smarter.  The WaterBoss water softener has … Continued

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

One of the most common complaints we hear from people is that their water has a rotten egg smell. Not only does this nasty smell make water unpleasant to drink, cook with, and bathe in, it can actually cause problems for your home. So, what causes rotten egg smell in water, and more importantly, what … Continued

What’s the Best Water Softener for Well Water?

Some of the most common household water problems are caused by well water. While people with well water might think that investing in a water softener will fix well water issues, if they do not get the right water softener for well water, their issues may go unresolved. It’s true that water softeners can improve … Continued

How Salt is Used in Water Softeners

Salt is extremely important for the functioning of water softeners. In order to complete the water softening process, salt must be added to the softener regularly. Does this mean softened water tastes like the ocean water you splash in at the beach? Is the level of sodium in softened water unhealthy for your family’s diet? … Continued

Eight Indications Your Home Has Hard Water

According to the U.S. Geological Survey water hardness map, the majority of states have a significant level of water hardness. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not set a legal limit or standard for hardness in water, primarily because the elements that contribute to hardness (generally calcium and magnesium ions) are not toxic. Instead, there … Continued