WaterBoss water softeners


First appearing for sale in retail stores in 1991, WaterBoss® is an American-owned and manufactured line of water softeners. WaterBoss water softeners are uniquely designed and feature patent-protected engineering. Our systems have provided some of the highest quality city and well water units for over 25 years.

WaterBoss water softeners feature three separate media that work together to filter, soften, and improve water. They are also one of the few softeners designed with fine mesh resin, a spherical resin that covers more surface area than competing models. Less water is needed to clean the resin for optimal efficiency.

Other WaterBoss advantages include:

  • Longer-lasting water-using appliances due to less scale build up in pipes
  • Built-in self-cleaning filter eliminates the need for replacement filters
  • High efficiency with a small footprint
  • Uses less water, salt, and electricity than competing brands
  • Faster regeneration than conventional water softeners

WaterBoss water softeners are American made using state of the art injection molding technology, laser welding, and precise robotic assembly. Each unit receives a full system test prior to shipment. WaterBoss also offers a factory-trained and factory-based customer support team.