Water Softener Comparison Guide

Every unit is tested before it leaves the facility One unit tested per 8 hour shift
State of the art facilities, including laser welder, induction welder, 10 injection molding machines 30 year old technology, spun fiber tanks etc.
Built in, self cleaning, dirt and sediment filter Requires additional purchase of a filter cartridge and periodic changing of the filter
3 Step installation with factory installed bypass valve 5 Step installation + connecting bypass valve to the unit
Injection mold construction Blow mold construction
Compact size
Model 700
7/10 cu. ft. 15 X 19 X 25½

Model 900
1 cu. ft. 15 x 19 x 30½

Model PRO 180
7/10 cu. ft. 14¾ X 18¼ X 25½

Model PROPLUS 380
1¼ cu. ft. 16.¼ X 20 X 33½

Conventional Example
.73 cu ft. 20 x 51 x 20
1.04 cu. ft. 20 x 51 x 20
Fine mesh water softening resin more efficient than standard mesh resin, uses less salt, water & time Uses standard mesh resin
Offers a unit that provides whole house chlorine reduction No other company offers a single unit whole house softener with chlorine reduction at a retail level