WaterBoss® ProPlus 380 Water Softeners

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Dimensions: 16.25" x 18.75" x 33.5"

The WaterBoss ProPlus 380 high capacity water softener is designed for a family of 5 or more people.

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The WaterBoss PROPLUS 380 features include:

  • Injection molded brine (salt) cabinet. Injection molding assures a consistent thickness of the cabinet, no chance of a thin spot on the corners that may wear and cause a leak. The cabinet also features UV protection, allowing owners in temperate climates to place the unit outdoors. The cabinet comes with a 10 year warranty, the best in the domestic water treatment market.
  • Injection molded media tank, compartmentalized via laser welded patented Directional Flow Screens allow the Model PROPLUS 380 to be vacuum packed with three separate types of media into one compact water treatment unit.
  • Whole house water filtration, ferrous iron reduction, chlorine reduction and softening using limited space in your home. The WaterBoss PROPLUS 380 media tank features a built-in, self-cleaning, 20 micron dirt and sediment filter, eliminating the need to change filter cartridges! The model PROPLUS 380 media tank comes with a 10 year warranty, the best in the domestic water treatment market.
  • In conjunction with fine mesh ion exchange resin and a sediment filtration media, the model PROPLUS 380 features Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF. KDF is a patented process media that is 100 percent recyclable and contains no chemical additives. The WaterBoss PROPLUS 380 with KDF safely reduces chlorine and iron from your water to nominal amounts.
  • Regenerates in 26 minutes and uses 18 gallons of water.
  • Easy-To-Set, two button controller with LCD display. The display can be used to check the unit’s status, perform regenerations and change settings. The controller has a default setting or allows the owner to program the time of regeneration and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Do it Yourselfer’s you are not alone!

If you have questions about the installation of your WaterBoss PRO 180, just contact our factory based helpline at 1 800 437 8993, fax at (614) 836-5349.

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WaterBoss Pro Advantages

Chlorine Reduction to Nominal Amounts…

  • KDF- Kinetic Degradation Fluxion.
  • Whole house chlorine reduction. Why limit chlorine reduction to your kitchen tap with a filter that contains only about 3oz. of activated carbon requiring a cartridge change every 40 gallons?
  • Protection from chlorine induced dry skin.
  • Improved taste and odor.
  • NO cartridge changes!

Soft Water Improves Your Life…

  • Cleaner, brighter laundry
  • Make your dishes sparkle and shine
  • Food and beverages taste better
  • Feel the softness of your skin and hair after showering
  • Reduce objectionable chlorine taste and odor in your home’s water supply

Soft Water Saves You Money…

  • Save on soap & cleaning products
  • Extend the life of your water using appliances & plumbing fixtures
  • Save on Energy Cost – It takes 20% more electric and 28% more gas to heat hard water.
  • Lower your cost of salt and water consumption – every WaterBoss has patented built-in technology that saves you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • The WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS line reduces free chlorine to nominal amounts by adding KDF to one of the compartments of the patented WaterBoss media tanks.

    • KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) is a patented PRO/PROPLUS access media that is 100 percent recyclable and contains no chemical additives. KDF safely reduces chlorine from your water to nominal amounts.

    • Every WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS® comes with an owner’s manual, water test strips, and 15′ of drain line.

      • WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS® is the only appliance with a separate, built-in, whole-house, self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter.
      • Our patented directional flow screen system allows WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® to use all the space in the tank for resin. That means more softening power!
      • The low, easy-to-fill salt compartment is a labor saver.
      • WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® saves operating expenses by using up to 50% less salt and up to 80% less water per regeneration than conventional softeners. WaterBoss PRO/PRO ® also operates on 12-volts while other softeners use at least 24 volts.
      • WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® can regenerate in as little as 15 minutes while conventional softeners can take nearly two hours.
      • Setting the controller is easy: push 1 button to enter your setting number and the computer does the rest.
      • If you have guests or go on vacation, there is no need to modify controller settings – the computer adjusts automatically.
      • WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® looks as fine as it works. You can even feel the quality. Plus, WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® takes up far less space than conventional softeners.
      • WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® features a Safety Shut-off – its only job is to help prevent the possibility of overflow. Other softeners use float systems for adjusting the amount of water flowing into the brine tank. In WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ®, the controller determines brine refill. The Safety Shut-off in WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® is only for preventing Brine Tank overflow.
      • WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® has a packed resin bed and allows for reserve capacity. This reserve also allows WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® to regenerate with clean, soft water.
    • WaterBoss® offers a complete softener and filter line designed to meet your specific water problems. To determine which WaterBoss PRO/PROPLUS ® is right for you, please visit our Water Softener Selection Guide.

    • For more general questions about WaterBoss and troubleshooting help, visit our main FAQ page.