Troubleshooting Tips

Reduced Water Pressure

The reduction of water pressure in the house is usually caused by the water softener resin becoming exhausted and needing to be replaced. If you place your unit into bypass and the pressure in the house returns, this is a good indication the problem is due to the resin needing replaced.

Going Through Salt Quickly

High salt use is generally caused by incorrect computer settings. You should check to ensure all computer settings are set properly.

Where To Buy Parts

Parts are sold through the technical support line at 1-800-437-8993, option 1. Please have the serial number of the unit to order and ensure you receive the correct parts for your unit.

E2 Error Code

The e2 error code is the connection between the computer and the motor. Please try unplugging all the wires on the back of the computer, then plug in the motor wire (orange or white wire) first, followed by the sensor wire (if applicable), then the transformer (power) wire. If the problem still occurs, please reach out to technical support for help at 1-800-437-8993, option 1. Please ensure you are using the original transformer to the unit as well, as a universal transformer does not always work properly.

Salt Bridge

Salt bridges, or hardening of the salt such as creating a “cave” in the cabinet, can occur by mixing different types of salt or the environment the unit sits in. Try using 1 gallon of slightly hot water (not boiling) to help dissolve the salt, and break up the salt with a wooden stick.

00 Flashing On The Computer Display

The computer can occasionally flash 00, and this usually happens before the unit is set to regenerate. Once the 00 starts flashing on the display, then the unit generally regenerates on its own within 24 hours.

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