Waterboss® Gets The Job Done.

What is Your Water Worth?

If you are considering the purchase of a water softener, you may be excited by the promise of things like better tasting water and brighter laundry. But did you know that the right water softener can actually save you money?

Many people are surprised to learn just how costly having hard water can be. The soft water supplied by a WaterBoss® water softener actually makes your water worth more, providing substantial savings for your household budget in many ways!

Better Water for Drinking and Cooking

Everyone should be drinking more water for better health, but many people find their tap water unappealing for drinking or preparing food. In these households, bottled water can be a significant expense and an enormous source of plastic waste. The WaterBoss provides clean tasting water that is ready and available at any time, without the excess cost and trash.

Better Performing Soaps and Cleaning Products

Did you know soft water requires significantly less detergent to do the same amount of laundry as hard water? Since detergents actually mix better with softened water, the detergent you purchase lasts longer. Many WaterBoss owners find they no longer need to purchase fabric softener because eliminating hard water takes care of the problem of stiff or rough feeling clothes, linens, and bedding. Clothes washed in soft water also tend to stay brighter and wear better.

Longer Lasting Plumbing and Appliances

WaterBoss owners see improvement in the performance of their water using appliances and plumbing. When hard water minerals are removed from the water, the problem of scale build-up is virtually eliminated. This is important because hard water scale eventually restricts water flow throughout the home. It can also interfere with the element inside your water heater’s ability to bring your water up to temperature , which increases your energy bill. Also, ugly hard water stains on sinks and appliances are no longer an issue, so you won’t need to replace these items as frequently as you would with hard water.

Just How Significant Are The Savings?

The chart below breaks down monthly and yearly savings the typical household may enjoy with a WaterBoss Water Softener.

Monthly and yearly savings when using WaterBoss Water Softeners

Figures based upon the average family of 4 with an average water hardness of 10 grains per gallon.

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