Waterboss® Gets The Job Done.

The Small Water Softener With Big Capabilities

Over the past two decades, WaterBoss has established its place in the market as the smaller, smarter water softener. Designed to occupy a compact footprint, WaterBoss was also engineered to deliver full-sized performance, making the benefits of softened water available in a wider range of applications.

Compact WaterBoss Stands Above the Competition

The competition’s approach to developing a compact water softener is simply to reduce the physical size. Unfortunately for them, this also reduces the capacity and capability of the unit. WaterBoss stands above the competition, as a small water softener with full-sized capabilities. The WaterBoss is also designed to use less salt, less time, and less water to regenerate for greater efficiency and big cost savings.

How Can a Small Water Softener Deliver Full-Sized Performance?

Water softeners rely on the use of water softener resin to facilitate the ion exchange process that produces “softened” water. The innovative and patented design of the WaterBoss enables it to efficiently use super fine mesh resin, which is vacuum-packed inside the tank. This means we can put the same amount of softening ability into a smaller space. The result is that less salt and water are needed to refresh the same amount of resin you would find in a conventional system, and in less time per regeneration.

WaterBoss Model 700

One Softener to Rule Them All

If you are on a quest to find performance and efficiency in a compact water softener, the small but mighty WaterBoss will meet your needs. A complete water treatment system, WaterBoss features built-in whole house water filtration and iron reduction up to 10 parts per million, as well as high-end softening capabilities. That means you can have one compact softener that is capable of replacing the need for 3 to 5 separate pieces of equipment.

WaterBoss is the only small water softener with such big capabilities. If a water softener that saves you space, time, energy, salt, water, and money sounds good to you, contact us to learn more.