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How Your Water Softener Helps You Keep Summer Clothes and Laundry Bright

When the temperatures rise, we love to wear our summertime whites and fun, beachy colors. But many of us struggle with keeping whites bright and colors vivid because we have homes with hard water. Other than a splash of red wine or a blob of yellow mustard, nothing ruins your favorite clothes faster than washing them in hard water. In this post, we will look at why hard water is so tough on your clothes and how a water softener can help solve the problem.

What Makes Hard Water Such a Problem for Laundry?

In order to understand why hard water affects laundry the way it does, we need to look at what hard water is. Water that contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium is considered hard water. These minerals are destructive to laundry, because they leave behind residue that leads to dull, discolored clothing and linens. Hard water minerals also prevent laundry soaps from working properly. Over time, these effects compound, until all of your laundered fabrics seem permanently stiff, dull, and dingy.

How Do Water Softeners Fight Hard Water Problems?

Water softeners combat the effects of hard water by removing those unwanted minerals. In fact, damaging hard water minerals are removed before the water even fills the laundry tub or washing machine. Using a process called ion exchange, hard water passes through a resin bed that attracts and removes the minerals, replacing them with sodium ions. This softens the water, making it gentler on fabrics and ensuring better results during the laundry process.

Softened Water Keeps Whites Bright

When it comes to white laundry, washing with softened water is a real game-changer. The minerals in hard water can bond with the fibers of your clothes, resulting in a yellowish or grayish tint to whites. As detergent residues build up on fabrics, it adds to the effect, making clothes look dull and lifeless. By using a water softener, these mineral deposits are significantly reduced, resulting in brighter whites.

Softened Water Preserves Colors 

Water softeners not only work wonders for white laundry, they tend to keep bright colors looking vivid and new. Hard water can cause colors to fade and lose their vibrancy over time. The mineral deposits in hard water can settle into the fabric, making it difficult for detergent and water to penetrate and remove stains. Softened water enhances the effectiveness of laundry products with color-preserving formulas, ensuring that your colors remain vibrant and true to their original shade.

Washing in Softened Water Is Gentler on Fabrics

In addition to their impact on the appearance of your laundry, water softeners also contribute to the longevity of your clothes. Hard water tends to be abrasive on fabrics, leading to excessive wear over time. Fabrics experience less friction and are less prone to damage when washed in softened water. Soft water also allows fabrics to keep their softness, providing a more pleasant feel against your skin.

Detergents Work Better So Less Product is Needed

 When your home has hard water, you tend to use more detergent to achieve the desired cleaning results. By using a water softener, you can actually reduce your detergent usage while achieving superior cleaning. This not only saves you money but also reduces the environmental impact of excess detergent usage.

Water Softeners Help Water Using Appliances Last Longer

There is yet another water softener benefit relating to laundry. That is the extended service life for your washing machine. Hard water mineral buildup is damaging to appliances and pipes, often leading to costly repair bills and reduced appliance service life. Washing machines are especially vulnerable and often end up needing to be replaced. Owning a water softener may actually reduce the likelihood that you will be doing summer laundry at the laundromat while shopping for a new washer.

WaterBoss Solves Your Hard Water Woes With a Water Softener That is Perfect for Your Home

By removing minerals from hard water, water softeners help keep your laundry whiter, brighter, and fresher. Beyond the visual benefits of better looking clothes, water softeners also prolong the life of your garments and washing machine, while also reducing your detergent use. 

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