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Can You Drink Softened Water?

Homeowners who’ve researched solutions for hard water problems like stains on sinks and discolored laundry, have likely read about the advantages of softened water. But some people who are considering a water softener purchase seem to be unclear about whether or not it is safe to drink softened water.

The role of sodium in the water softening process may be what has many consumers wondering if softened water contains an unhealthy amount of sodium for drinking and cooking. We will address that issue, but first, let’s look at the role sodium plays in the water softening process.

Hard water that contains calcium and magnesium minerals flows through the softener unit, which is packed with water softener resin beads that are coated with sodium ions. In a process called ion exchange, the calcium and magnesium minerals are drawn from hard water and become attached to the resin beads instead. At this point, the sodium ions are released from the resin into the now soft water that is used throughout your home.

Just how much sodium ends up in softened water? The average amount of sodium in a quart of water (the amount the average adult drinks per day) from a properly functioning water softener is 75 to 100 mg. To put this amount in perspective, consider that the average slice of white bread contains 120 mg. Two slices of bread with ham, cheese, and a pickle on the side adds up to over 2,500 mg of sodium for one meal.

While it is true that a water softener will add sodium to the water you drink every day, the amounts are very small. If you have a sodium restricted diet or feel like you can taste the sodium, adding a drinking water filter is a good solution to both protect your home and appliances for hard water and have refreshing water straight from your tap.

For softened water that provides an extra level of treatment, the WaterBoss contains a self cleaning, built in water filter to handle iron issues or water with a low pH. Superior design and advanced manufacturing techniques allow WaterBoss to be the only water softener on the market to feature this built in water filter.

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