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WaterBoss 900IF Eliminates Iron Problems in Water

Some of the most frequent complaints we hear from people with well water can be traced back to iron. Whether it is laundry, appliances, bathtubs, or sinks, people with well water have problems with rust colored staining and keeping white or light surfaces bright. So, what’s the reason why homeowners with well water can’t seem to get things clean? The culprit is usually iron.

Iron in the water supply can cause orange, red or brown rust stains on any home surfaces that come in contact with water. Well water with high levels of iron can make it seem virtually impossible to get toilets, tubs, and sinks free of reddish brown stains. Similarly, white laundry items, including towels, sheets, and socks always end up looking drab, no matter how much detergent is used.

Why Does Iron Cause Staining?

Since the amount of oxygen deep within a well is low, certain types of iron that may be present in the water can be dissolved and will not be visible. Though the iron in the water is not seen as it comes out of the tap, any surfaces that get wet will leave these iron minerals behind. As the water evaporates, all that is left is the iron fully being exposed to the air which forms iron-oxide particles. These iron-oxide particles are the rust that causes the staining in fabrics and on porcelain.

While this staining is a problem that can be seen, a less obvious problem with rust and crusty build-up can develop within plumbing and water using appliances. This build-up means appliances have to work harder and use more energy, which ultimately reduces a home’s energy efficiency. It can also clog your plumbing and reduce the water flow throughout your home.

WaterBoss Has The Solution

The good news is that WaterBoss has a solution for iron problems. The Model 900 IF is a dedicated iron water filter with a maximum ferrous iron reduction of 15 ppm.

The WaterBoss Model 900IF uses a media called GreensandPlusTM, one of the most effective oxidation technologies. The GreensandPlus media is coated with a layer of manganese dioxide on the surface of the mineral. When the water comes in contact with the manganese dioxide, any iron is immediately oxidized turning it into a solid particle that can easily be removed from the water.

The iron captured by the system is ultimately filtered and washed away in the backwash cycle and ready to continue serving your home, with no need to replace any of the media inside. The WaterBoss model 900 IF iron water filter can be used in tandem with WaterBoss Models 700, 900, or any conventional softener.

At Waterboss, our team is dedicated to providing families with quality water. If you are not satisfied with your water, visit our contact page to talk to a WaterBoss expert about finding your solution.