The Compact Water Softener That Does Big Jobs in Small Spaces

If you thought you could not enjoy the benefits of soft water in your home due to a lack of space, it is time you met the WaterBoss. The engineers at WaterBoss have developed a compact water softener design that is smaller and smarter.

WaterBoss is engineered for reliability and to offer as much softening capacity as full-sized conventional water softeners. Since 1991, WaterBoss compact water softeners have continued to be the only compact softeners with full size capacities, while using less salt, less time, and less water to regenerate.

WaterBoss is a Water Softener and So Much More

The WaterBoss stands apart from the competition because it is more than a compact water softener. Doing big jobs in small spaces, the WaterBoss provides a complete water treatment system with built-in whole house water filtration and iron reduction in addition to softening capabilities. In most applications, the WaterBoss compact water softener will replace the need for three to five separate pieces of equipment.

The Resin Makes All the Difference

Offering the same amount of water softening resin as conventional bulky softener designs, our patented design enables WaterBoss to make the most of its fine mesh resin. Unlike the competition, who simply decreased the physical size (and capacity) to develop a compact model, the WaterBoss is designed to provide full capability in a smaller footprint.

The WaterBoss uses a super fine mesh resin vacuum-packed inside the tank, which allows it to use less water and less salt to refresh the same amount of resin as a traditional system, while actually taking less time per regeneration.

WaterBoss Compact Water Softener Advantages

The space savings of WaterBoss water softeners compared to conventional water softeners with similar capabilities is significant. See how the size and other features compare:

When it comes to saving space, time, energy, salt, water, and money, the WaterBoss compact water softener is the best choice you will find. To learn more about compact water softener solutions, contact WaterBoss, your soft water experts.