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The Compact Water Softener That Does Big Jobs in Small Spaces

WaterBoss water softeners

Have you assumed you could not enjoy the benefits of soft water in your home because you don’t have room for a water softener? It is time for you to meet the WaterBoss. The innovative engineers at WaterBoss have developed a compact water softener design that is smaller and smarter. 

The WaterBoss water softener has been designed for reliability and to provide as much softening capacity as full-sized conventional water softeners. Since 1991, WaterBoss compact water softeners have continued to be the only compact softeners with full size capacities, while using less salt, less time, and less water to regenerate.


The WaterBoss stands apart from the competition because it is more than a compact water softener. Doing big jobs in small spaces, the WaterBoss provides a complete water treatment system with built-in whole house water filtration and iron reduction, in addition to softening capabilities. In most applications, the WaterBoss compact water softener will replace the need for three to five separate pieces of equipment. 

Both the Waterboss 700 and the Waterboss 900 provide whole-house softening and filtration. These American made water softener systems feature built-in, self-cleaning whole-house filters, which means that there are no cartridges to change. Whether you have city water or well water, the WaterBoss treats most water problems, while reducing calcium, dirt/sediment, and ferrous iron. Need help finding which water softener is best for you? Visit our comparison guide.


Unlike the competition, who simply decrease the physical size (and capacity) to develop a compact model, the WaterBoss is designed to provide full capabilities in a smaller footprint. Offering the same amount of water softening resin as conventional, bulky softener models, our patented design enables WaterBoss to make the most of its fine mesh resin. Fine mesh resin and the smart engineering are the keys to the optimal performance and efficiency of the WaterBoss.

Using a super fine mesh resin vacuum-packed inside the tank, WaterBoss uses less water and less salt to refresh the same amount of resin as a traditional system. It also takes less time per regeneration, which is the process of converting hard water to softened water.  This is because our super fine mesh resin has greater softening capability than a traditional softener.  

WaterBoss softeners are engineered to assure that the water is distributed more evenly through the resin bed, thereby maximizing the use of all of the super fine mesh resin. Since the sodium ions attach to the surface of the resin, the more resin beads that come into contact with the water, the more effective and efficient the cycle becomes.


The space savings of WaterBoss water softeners compared to conventional water softeners with similar capabilities is significant. See how the size and other features compare:

WaterBoss Compact DesignsConventional Examples
Model 700
.70 cu. ft. 15 x 19 x 25½
Model 900
1 cu. ft. 15 x 19 x 30½
Comparable Model
.73 cu. ft. 21 x 51 x 20
Comparable Model
1.04 cu. ft. 20 x 51 x 20
Built in self cleaning, dirt and sediment filterRequires additional purchase of a filter cartridge and periodic changing of the filter
Every unit is tested before it leaves the facilityOne unit tested per 8 hour shift
3 step installation with factory installed bypass valve5 step installation + connecting bypass valve to the unit
Fine mesh resin more efficient than standard mesh resin, uses less salt, water & timeUses standard mesh resin

As mentioned before, WaterBoss units regenerate faster than competition, which saves homeowners on their water bill, salt usage, and electricity consumption. The WaterBoss 700 uses 12 gallons of water and 2 lbs of salt per 20 minute regeneration cycle. The WaterBoss 900 uses 14 gallons of water and 3 lbs of salt per 26 minute regeneration cycle.


When it comes to saving space, time, energy, salt, water, and money, the WaterBoss compact water softener is the best choice you will find.

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