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Un agua suave y limpia es una experiencia sensorial completa. Podrá sentir la suavidad, saborear la diferencia y ver el brillo de su ropa en los años venideros.

Un filtro de agua WaterBoss® o un sistema de tratamiento del agua significa un agua con mejor sabor, piel y cabellos más sedosos y ropas más suaves y brillantes.

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The Water Softener that Adapts to Your Needs

Not everyone has the same water problems. A one-size-fits-all water softener approach isn’t likely to meet your needs. That’s why WaterBoss takes a comprehensive approach to meeting all of your water treatment needs.

WaterBoss has multiple water softener models to solve a wide range of water problems as well as a variety of water softener filter options for issues like iron and pH levels.

Experience the Benefits of Whole House Water Treatment

WaterBoss water softeners are installed at the point of entry of your home’s water supply, so your entire home benefits from soft water.

Whole house water filtration means that dirt and sediment, sand, or debris from wells or pipes are dramatically reduced throughout your home. The self-cleaning built-in filtration feature requires no maintenance and never needs to be replaced.

Water Softener Solutions for City Water and Well Water

Water problems are not limited to one type of water source. WaterBoss offers water softeners for both city water problems and well water problems.

The WaterBoss Model 700 Water Softener and Model 900 Water Softener both provide the solution if you have well water problems such as iron stains and sulfur (rotten egg smell). If you live in the city and are bothered by chlorine taste and odor in your water, they WaterBoss Model 950 Water Softener can help.