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Whole House Water Treatment

Protection to your home from untreated water begins from the time the source of water enters your home (through the main line). The WaterBoss® whole house water treatment system connects to the main water line entering your house allowing that all of the water dispensers in your home - faucets, toilets, showers, baths, kitchen, laundry - dispense treated water.

The WaterBoss is a 3-n-1 product. All WaterBoss models provide home water filtration down to 20 microns. However, mechanical protection is only the first level of whole house protection you receive from the WaterBoss® water softener once dirt and sediment has been removed from the water.

Why bother with attaching a filtering device to each individual faucet or shower requiring constant changing of cartridges? With Waterboss® placed at the point of entry to your water supply, you will receive whole house water filtration.

The WaterBoss® Model 950 not only softens your water but provides chlorine removal to nominal amounts, providing you with virtually chlorine free water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

The WaterBoss® whole house water treatment system Models 700 and 900 will also reduce to a nominal amount up to 10ppm of clear water iron in raw water, eliminating those ugly stains from your sinks, bathtub, shower and toilets Most conventional water softeners require the addition of an iron filter for iron removal. In many cases an iron filter is required to comply with warranty demands.