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Water Softener Reviews

Please read below what happy Waterboss customers have to say about our products:

"I never thought an iron filter could change my life, but my recent purchase an installation of your Waterboss IO9000 has made it possible to remain in my home and much much more. My iron content was so enormous I was considering moving. Since living on my small farm we have drank bottled water and suffered though smelly showers and stained everything. My daughter started working at a local Menard's store and told me that your product could help me. I have been a single parent to a (now heading toward 1st grade) kindergartener for the last 3 years and honestly had been living paycheck to paycheck (sometimes less than that)! I had to wait for a tax refund check to make the purchase, but my daughter assured me I would be satisfied. I am writing to tell you I am more than pleased, I am OVERJOYED! My water is drinkable, my clothes come out clean, my dishwasher washes dishes the first time and the smell of iron is gone. But most of all after 5 hours of cleaning the sinks and showers and toilets the stain of rust has NOT returned AT ALL. If you ever need a spokesperson I am your GUY. On behalf of my family, thank you for changing my life in a positive way!!! Howard Norris, teacher father and with less iron in his life :-)"

From Howard, Brookville, Ohio

"I live in Northeast Ohio with very hard water. We have six kids and we have the (Waterboss) model 900. It has done a great job! I had some problems with the valve and called your (WaterBoss) service department, they stayed on the line with me for 25 minutes as I disassembled and re assembled the piston valve."

Jim - Cleveland

"I bought myself a Christmas present 3 years ago, a WaterBoss. I just love it! I called into the customer service, it was absolutely great customer service! You guys run a class operation."

Barry - New York

"We love the size of the WaterBoss!"

Randy - Texas

"I have had a waterboss for five years..."

Frank - Cleveland

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