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Special Order Water Softener Products

We are a full-service water-softening provider which means that we have a number of products to meet your needs.


WaterBoss® softeners clean and soften water, but there are some special circumstances that call for a little more. If you have a particular water issue, consider adding a filter to your WaterBoss® softener. Currently we offer:

Iron Filter
iron filter

Model 900IF is for reducing iron. Iron can stain not only your fixtures, but your laundry and dishes too. The Iron Filter also can reduce up to 2ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide (with the presence of 1 ppm of iron or more.)

Acid Neutralizing Filter
acid filter

Model 900NF raises low pH. Low pH can cause blue/green or rust color stains. Low pH is an indication of acidity in your water and can lead to pipe and fixture corrosion.


If you are not sure about which WaterBoss® is best for you, please visit the Water Softener Selection Guide.