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More Water Softener Reviews

People from around the world are enjoying the benefits of owning a WaterBoss! Read what these satisfied customers have to say about their WaterBoss Water Softening Systems:

After relocating from the city to the country, we began experiencing well water and problems such as orange laundry from the iron in the water. We also found the water smelled and tasted terrible. After looking for a water softener and filter system, I selected the WaterBoss 900 for my home. I had planned on adding an extra filter to handle the iron and odor problems but was surprised to discover the system took care of all the problems as soon as I hooked it up. We could feel the softness of the water in the shower and watched the iron stains disappear from our sinks, tubs and toilets. We also noticed the bad smell was gone. My wife and I LOVE the WaterBoss. We’d recommend this system to anyone!! It has changed our lives.

Mel - Muncie, Indiana

Our well water was .69 ppm manganese and 14+ppm iron before we purchased our WaterBoss 900 water softener. This system uses one bag of salt during 6 weeks compared to our previous softener, which used 12 bags during the same amount of time. Wow! We do not consume a lot of salt since we added the WaterBoss 900IF to cut back the iron. Our water is fresher and no longer has an odor, the toilets are whiter, and our laundry is brighter. We highly recommend this product line.

Geri - Oak Creek, Colorado

I am a licensed plumber, and I selected a WaterBoss for my own home. I have found it to work twice as well as competing models. WaterBoss systems are easy to use, durable, and attractively designed. They are also easy to install, so you can save money by doing it yourself.

Ryan - Michigan

The WaterBoss is well designed and a great value.

Jerry - Joliet, IL

I purchased the WaterBoss 900 water softener four years ago because of the high iron content of my well water. The system did a good job, but it was using a lot of salt. Four days after adding the iron filter I am already noticing a big difference, and the sulfur odor is diminishing. I will only need to add salt once per month, which will be a big savings. This is a great product from a quality US manufacture who stands by and services their product.

Trex - Rockford, MI

After using the WaterBoss water softener system in our home for ten years, we have had no problems. Our water has a lot of iron, but with the WaterBoss, our water is so soft. We would buy this softener again in a minute. We could not ask for more in a system.

Winig - Ohio

I currently enjoy outstanding water quality with the WaterBoss I purchased and installed over a year ago. Though the untreated water in my neighborhood has a great deal of iron and is extremely hard, this system handles it like a champ. The WaterBoss is the answer to both of these problems. I have had no problems or complaints so far. Thank you, WaterBoss!

Yuri - Russia

"Thank you and WaterBoss for great customer support. I have been a WaterBoss product user for the past 10 years and will continue to be so because of your product and positive customer support."

Richard - Arizona

"I was very much impressed with your customer service department and ease of solving problems. My current unit is the third one I have bought (the other two are still in service) and I have recommended your product to many people. Thanks for all the help and great product."

Ron - Ohio

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your company very much for your assistance in this matter” “It is a pleasure to find that there are still caring people in this world that are willing to go an extra step to assist a senior citizen."

Kyle - Arizona

"I have bought and installed this filtering system (my model is Waterboss 900) more than a year ago. Works like a champ, the quality of water is outstanding. The raw water is awful in our neighborhood (Russia, Obninsk city) - it is very hard and contains a lot of iron. Waterboss 900 solves both my problems. So far I have no complaints. It just works. Thanks, Waterboss!"

Jim - Texas

"I just moved to the country from in towne and had well water for the first time, our clothes turned out orange from all the minerals and iron in our water...the smell was terrible u could not drink it so I went on a hunt for a water softner and a filter system for my home!!! I chose the WaterBoss 900 and thought I would later add another filter to help the smell and get some of the iron out and to my amazement after hooking up the WaterBoss my water was so soft you could just feel the differance in the shower and the smell there was no more smell, and the iron stains in the toilets and tub and shinks were gone I LOVE IT, and my wife really loved me for it, thank u WATERBOSS, for a happy ending to my water problems...Would recommend this product to anyone !!! It changed our lives...."

Henry - Kentucky